Purdue appoints president of research foundation

Dan Hasler
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Purdue University has appointed a former aide to Mitch Daniels when he was governor to lead the Purdue Research Foundation.

Daniels, now Purdue's president, announced the appointment of former Indiana Secretary of Commerce Dan Hasler as president of the research foundation Wednesday. Hasler also will serve as Purdue's chief entrepreneurial officer.

Daniels says Purdue isn't fully realizing the potential of its researchers and students and Hasler's appointment will create an environment that encourages invention and entrepreneurism.

Daniels says he wants to turn Purdue into "a fountain of new goods, services, companies and jobs."

Hasler begins work at Purdue on Monday. His primary focus will be to drive the innovations of Purdue's labs and researchers to commercialization. Hasler is a former vice president for global marketing at Eli Lilly and Co.

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