Puppy Pipeline


Have you ever wondered where pet shops get all those cute little puppies? We did, and what 13 Investigates discovered is something many pet stores do not want you to see. We went undercover to help you understand how this big business operates and to show you exactly where most of these dogs come from.

Part One - What most pet shops do not tell customers is their abundant supply of puppies comes from a well-hidden puppy pipeline. That pipeline is a big business made possible by commercial breeding, a process that requires many dogs to live their adult lives confined to a cage. 13 Investigates spent eight months tracking the state's internal puppy pipeline, and it begins in a place few people would expect.

Part Two - On a damp March morning, 13 Investigates got its first glimpse into the world of dog auctions. Inside a large auction barn, we discovered stacks and rows of wire cages and inside each one, a dog (or several dogs) about to be sold to the highest bidder.

Part Three - What happens to dogs in the puppy pipeline that can no longer breed?

Thinking about a new pet?

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