Public weighs in on Carmel roundabout proposal


CARMEL, Ind. (WTHR) - City leaders in Carmel are considering an ordinance that would change the way people drive around roundabouts.

The City Council heard feedback from the community about a proposal that would make turn signals mandatory when exiting a roundabout. Those caught violating the rule could face a $100 fine.

The goal is to promote safety and prevent car accidents.

But opponents argue the requirement is unreasonable, especially for non-residents who might not be aware of the rule.

"I think it's a recipe for a lot of confusion on the parts of drivers," said one speaker.

"There are lot of people outside of Carmel who drive through this city every day. You're going to make them susceptible to this ordinance. Ticket people from Indianapolis or from out-state Indiana who have no idea what this ordinance is all about," said another.

Those who spoke out against the ordinance also claimed it would be difficult for police to enforce and that it could take away from their focus on defensive driving.

The council will meet again next month.

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