Public safety costs over $300,000 in Richmond Hill response

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Public safety costs in connection with the Richmond Hill explosion Nov. 10th are up to over $300,000. That's according to a "cost to date" report from the Divisions of Public Safety in Marion County.

So far the total cost to Marion County residents is $308,674. (See a breakdown of costs here.)

The involved DPS Divisions include IMPD, IFD, Indianapolis Department of Homeland Security and Animal Care and Control.

So far, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the Indianapolis Fire Department and Homeland Security have put in 7,742 hours dealing with the event and its aftermath.

The criminal case is still under investigation. Dion and Jennifer Longworth were killed in the blast, and seven were injured. Over 30 homes will be demolished by the year's end, and demolition has already begun on some damaged homes.