Protestors gather during Daniels Purdue visit

Gov. Mitch Daniels (R-IN) spoke at Purdue Tuesday.

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is set to take over as Purdue's president next year, but some students and faculty members are joining a growing protest against his new role.

While thousands of Purdue students interviewed for jobs and internships Tuesday, around 30 gathered inside the Stuart Center to show displeasure over the interview process that led to the selection of Daniels as the school's next president.

"We demand the Board of Regents rescind this decision," said one demonstrator.

They quietly held signs and offered their opinions.

"We just don't think that it was very transparent that the guy in charge picked the people who voted him in," said Justin Rodin.

"Because I support equal marriage, and he does not, so I don't support him," said Mariheida Cordova.

"His appointment makes Purdue look like an ethical joke," said Purdue alum Greg Seiters.

There seemed to be some issues spill over. While union organizers tried to get people to sign up for a bus trip to Illinois to support the Chicago teachers' strike, others tried to tie the two issues together.

"You don't understand that the attack on public education has come down to the same people, the heads of the city of Chicago and the governor of Indiana," said Bill Mullen. "Both cut funding for public education, attacked the teachers' union and made it more difficult for ordinary people to get a decent education in the U.S."

Some passing students told Eyewitness News they believe that some students will demonstrate over anything.

"I think Daniels will make the hard decisions (current Purdue President France) Cordova didn't. She'd fund raise, fund raise, fund raise," said Chad Kiel.

Daniels addressed the liberal arts department in Loeb Playhouse and did not have any contact with the demonstrators Tuesday.