Protesting for peace in Syria

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Dozens of people gathered outside the Statehouse Saturday to protest a potential U.S. military strike in Syria.

It was organized by St. George Orthodox Church.

But Syrian refugees living in Indiana also attended, with signs and prayers pushing for peace.

The peaceful protest had a personal purpose for many in the crowd outside the State Capitol.

Syrian refugees, who say they came to Indianapolis to escape terrorists, now fear war will only make things worse.

"All of my family is back home, yeah, all of my family," said Syrian refugee and protester Halarustom Louly. "All these people now don't need more war. We need peace. we need peace."

"We are protesting today because we really need peace in Syria. We don't want war or terrorists to children. We need the children to be safe," added her daughter, Sarah Louly.

Sarah and her mom arrived in Indianapolis just a month ago.

They knows the struggle of civil war and terrorism in their country.

Sarah said she often couldn't go outdoors and her school was bombed.

"It was like terrorists killing people. Bombs everywhere. Bombs everywhere," Sarah Loudy said.

But she wants to go back and like everyone at the protest, she says a military strike by the U.S. will only add to casualties.

Protesters gathered with local clergy in prayer for negotiations, instead of violence.

They say they're not taking sides with religion or politics - simply peace.

"The United States probably has the best hope, is the best broker to stem the flow of arms from the various sources arming the various sides," said Nabil Hanna, St. George Orthodox Church. "That will bring everybody together because there has been too much suffering."

Sarah Loudy and her mom know that suffering well.

Now, they hope their new home in the U.S. won't create more danger in their homeland.