Prosecutor hopes Bisard conviction restores trust in system

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry

Now that the verdict is in on suspended Indianapolis Metro Police Officer David Bisard, prosecutors are planning for what comes next in a criminal and legal ordeal that's lasted more than three years.

David Bisard was found guilty on all counts in connection with the deadly August 2010 crash. The next time we see him will be at his sentencing hearing in November.

The suspended IMPD officer is facing a minimum of six years in prison, but when all nine convictions are added together, a sentence of ten or more years is likely.

His intoxicated and reckless driving killed one person and nearly killed two others. Prosecutor Terry Curry doesn't know yet whether he will recommend a specific term.

The message to the judge is that police officers have to be treated the same as anyone else. The convictions end a three-year ordeal of missteps, mistakes, and mistrust of investigators and prosecutors.

Curry believes Bisard's conviction has changed the perceptions of victims and the community.

"The thing that occurred to me is that this is symbolic of how far we've come in terms of restoring trust and confidence in our office and I hope indirectly restoring trust and confidence in our police department," said Curry.

The prosecutor's office is already adding up the costs of the trial: an estimated $50,000 on hotels, travel and expert witnesses.

Allen County is preparing to send Marion County a bill for holding the three-week trial. A ball park estimate puts it as less than $20,000.