Prosecutor discusses Carmel bus assault


Chris Proffitt/Eyewitness News

Hamilton County - There is new information from the prosecutor who will be the one to decide if charges will be filed in the Carmel High School assault investigation.

Prosecutors from Hendricks County are now involved in the investigation and charges in the alleged assault case could also be filed there against the Carmel High School basketball players.

For the first time, the Hamilton County prosecutor talked about the investigation into an alleged assault on a Carmel High School bus.

Prosecutor Sonia Leerkamp would not talk about specifics of the case, but says that she is working closely with Carmel Police almost daily on the investigation into the January incident involving two Carmel High School freshman basketball players. The investigation already involves authorities from another county.

Prosecutors confirm that they are working with Hendricks County officials under the belief that the alleged assaults may have happened on January 22nd while the bus was travelling through Hendricks County to Carmel. The Carmel High School boys' basketball team was returning from an away game at Terre Haute that evening.

"There are sufficient allegations to involve both counties at this point in time," said Leerkamp.

Information in that case and a separate locker room assault at the high school in early January has trickled out. To date, there have been no arrests or full disclosures by police, who have released heavily edited narratives. There have been no public statements by coaches or victims families. Three seniors were kicked off of the basketball team so far and the police could file several charges.

"Certainly battery could be one charge, criminal confinement, criminal deviate conduct, and there could be other charges as well," said Chief Michael Fogarty, Carmel Police.

Leerkamp says that the investigation is going forward without delay and that she plans to soon meet with the victims and their families involved in the two separate alleged assaults.

"We are receiving all information concerning any allegations and trying to process it into one case," said Leerkamp.

While the investigation continues, police and school officials won't release the suspects' names and school officials haven't said what other discipline, if any, was given to the students involved.

The prosecutor says that it's unlikely that any changes would be filed in the case for at least the next two weeks.

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