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John Stehr/Eyewitness News

Plainfield - The internet has led to new types of crime from identity theft to cyber-terrorism. But technology is also helping crime fighters by keeping their evidence rooms clear, and even providing more money to go after bad guys.

When Plainfield built its police station, architects set aside this space for a property room. They keep extra equipment in there, evidence from crimes, and property they pick up in the course of their daily patrols. That's a lot to ask of a small area.

"We're always in need of space, so we have to get rid of property as soon as we can," said Capt. Darel Krieger, Plainfield Police Department.

For years, that meant holding a regular auction, and taking a risk.

"You have to pay employees overtime to man the auction. You have to hire an auctioneer. You have to bring all this stuff down to the auction site and that all costs time and money," said Capt. Krieger.

If it doesn't sell, they have to put it back in storage. With tighter town budgets these days, that's something that towns like Plainfield can't afford.

That's where "" comes in. It's a website set up by former police officers to help local departments keep their property rooms clear.

"We're giving customers a bargain. We're giving the cities more money. We're making our money and it's a win-win-win all the way around," said Harry Brockman,

In ten years, has grown to include 1600 police departments. They make regular pick-ups and have experts on staff to make sure everything they sell is in working order.

"This is a Rolex, this is a Cartier watch, this is an Omega watch - it's a moon watch - the kind that the astronauts wore when they walked on the moon," said Brockman. has warehouses across the country, and usually sends out items to winning bidders the next day. Local police departments get their cut soon after that. has sold some big ticket items like diamond-encrusted watches and cigarette boats, but most things on the site sell for between $60 and $70 - See what's up for bid today.