Property taxes due in Marion County Friday

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Marion County homeowners had until the end of the day Friday to pay their property taxes.

Many people paid in person at the Marion County treasurer's office. Some of the people we caught up with were there to appeal their bills.

"Tax rates did go up. There were a couple referendums that did pass over the last year that did cause some of the property taxes to go up. We are not getting too many complaints," said Claudia Fuentes, county treasurer.

Seventy percent of homeowners will pay more than in property taxes than they did last year.

While a taxpayer revolt led to tax caps a few years back, just 17% of homeowners have hit those caps because of a number of deductions. That means 83% of homeowners can still see their taxes rise.

If you didn't make it to the treasurer's office today, you can still pay online at the City of Indianapolis website.

You can also pay by phone at 327-4TAX, but you will be charged a service fee.

Check your property taxes here.