Probation officer of teen facing murder charges failed to report violations


The probation officer for teenage murder suspect Simeon Adams has resigned.

According to court documents, the probation officer failed to report 13 violations by the 16-year-old who was later charged with killing Nathan Trapuzzano.

The officer could have requested an arrest warrant after the third violation that would have kept Adams in detention during the time he's accused of shooting Trapuzzano, Eyewitness News partners at the Indianapolis Star report.

If Tracy McDonald had requested an arrest warrant after Adams' third house arrest violation Feb. 15, that would have kept the teen in detention until an April 7 hearing. Trapuzzano was killed on the morning of April 1.

The case sparked outrage in the community. Trapuzzano was out for a morning walk when the attack occurred, and carried nothing of value. Police say robbery was the motive for the crime.