Probable cause reveals Hovey Street murder scene

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Indianapolis - Important new details are emerging on what police found at the muder scene of two mothers and their babies on Hovey Street last week.

Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi released the probable cause on the Hovey Street murders Tuesday evening. It details what investigators believe happened inside the home.

Police found shell casings in the bedroom. They also found a pistol under a trash can at a neighbor's house and a second weapon away from the murder scene.

Prosecutors name robbery as an initial motive in the case. They say suspect Zarumin Coleman, who appeared at a preliminary hearing Tuesday, thought the victim's house could hold up to 100 pounds of marijuana, and Coleman said he would kill everyone in the house if they didn't cooperate.

The documents say Coleman planned "a lick," slang for a robbery, on the home, and drove the car, a 2001 black Toyota Highlander. But once the men arrived at the crime scene, prosecutors say suspects Jasper Frazier and Ronald Davis actually broke into the house, both armed.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Davis found the women and children hiding behind a bed. Suspect Jasper Frazier said that Davis began screaming at them to "'give up the money; where's the weed?'"

The women responded, "It's not here. It's gone."

The women cried and pleaded with Davis not to shoot them and their babies. Frazier said Davis began shooting the women and the babies. He tried to stop Davis by grabbing his arm, but Davis pointed the pistol at him and said he would kill him.

Frazier told police they talked about how easy it would be because there were only women in the house. Davis' pastor, who wants to stay anonymous, told Eyewitness News Sunday, "Ronald Davis is not a monster. He would not hurt babies."

After SWAT team officers captured Coleman, he said Davis had the .40 caliber Glock, the suspected murder weapon. Donte Hobson, facing conspiracy charges, agreed.

Prosecutors are still putting together their case against the four suspects. We will learn more as the suspects face initial court hearings this week.

Ronald Davis and Donte Hobson face four counts of murder. Jasper Frazier and Zarumin Coleman also face charges in connection with the shooting deaths of Andrea Yarrell and her five-month-old daughter Charlii along with Gina Hunt and her 23-mont-old son Jordan January 14.

See the probable cause affidavit (Note: Names of witnesses, officers and others have been blacked out.)

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