Pressure growing for more info on e-cigarettes

Pressure growing for more info on e-cigarettes

There is growing pressure to understand what harm or benefits may come from e-cigarettes.

The latest comes from the American Heart Association which is calling for more regulation. Without it, we don't know how much nicotine or other chemicals a person consumes in the vapors.

There is the argument that e-cigs are the lesser of two evils, but a southside doctor Monday said there are better way to stop smoking, and e-cigs are too enticing for kids to start.

"My concern with these cigarettes, along with it not being regulated, is it is now getting in the hands of children. Indiana does have a law that says you cannot sell e-cigs to minors but minors are getting ahold of it. They have different flavors and it is an attractive way for kids to get exposed to nicotine because all it is, is nicotine in a flavored form," said Dr. Asha Trowbridge, Franciscan St. Francis Aspire Director.

The FDA has called for guidelines for e-cigs. For now, they are governed state-by-state.