Preliminary charges filed in Hovey Street murders

Ronald Davis

Steve Jefferson/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - Talk of the four men arrested in connection with the murder of four people dominated conversation Sunday morning.

Homicide detectives arrested four men in the case, preliminarily charging two of them with four counts of murder in the shooting that left 24-year-olds Gina Hunt and Andrea Yarrell dead along with their two small children at their home on Hovey Street late Monday night.

"To the victims, I wish them, and hope that they rest in peace," Sheriff Frank Anderson said. "And to the ones who did this,I hope there is no peace for them."

Ronald Davis faces four counts of murder and four counts of felony murder, along with one count of robbery and one count of conspiracy to commit robbery. His pastor at a local church says Davis is remorseful.

"I want the family of the victims to know that we are sorry about this," she said. "We are praying with them we are praying for them we have been through tragedy we know how it feels. I want them to know that Ronald Davis is not a monster that he would not hurt babies."

Dontae Hobson also faces four counts of felony murder and one count of robbery. He was arrested near Ohio and Dickson Streets by U.S. Marshals and Metro Police officers Saturday morning.

Also arrested in the case were 21-year-old Zarumin Coleman, who was picked up near 21st and Capitol during a warrant sweep Thursday, and 36-year-old Jasper Frazier, who turned himself in to Toledo Police Wednesday, implicating three other men in the crime. Coleman faces preliminary charges of faces one count of conspiracy to commit robbery and one count of assisting a criminal, while Frazier is charged with one count each of attempted robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.

Police say all four men have criminal histories.

The suspected shooters in the case, Hobson and Davis, have backgrounds that include arrests for domestic battery and dealing narcotics. Davis previously served 11 years on a drug conviction. Coleman's history includes drug possession, robbery, and criminal confinement, while Frazier was picked up for DUI in 2006.

Callers into "The Chat Room" call-in show on 106.7 FM shared their views on the arrests with the show's host, Terri D.

"Let's not forget, these are grown men, men who know right from wrong," said a caller named Gil.

"A lot of the issues that are going on today, especially among our young people starts at home," another caller, Lisa, said.

All four suspects are in jail, and will face formal charges Tuesday in a downtown Indianapolis court.

"We think we got the primary people that were involved in the homicide," IMPD Lt. Jeff Duhamell said.

Police are not yet releasing a motive for the killing, and hope to interview more witnesses who may have been afraid to speak up before, but may feel safer now that arrests have been made.

Both Chief of Police Michael Spears and Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi said the murders shook the conscience of the community and compelled people to come forward who otherwise may not have done so.

Friday night, police whisked a man through the lobby of the City-County Building, handcuffed and with his head covered, questioning him late into the night. A person close to the case told Eyewitness News, "He's an important one."

Gina and Jordan Hunt were laid to rest Saturday at Crown Hill Cemetery. A funeral service for 24-year-old Andrea Yarrell and her daughter Charlii will be held Monday morning. They will be buried alongside the Hunts at Crown Hill.

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