Practical side of marriage important for same-sex couples

Shaunda Williams and Karla Bay are expecting a baby boy this fall.

While many same-sex couples are celebrating the fact that they are now able to get married in Indiana, there's a practical side to Wednesday's ruling.

That includes shared property, health benefits and even hospital visitation rights.

The nursery is just about ready in Karla Bay and Shaunda Williams' home.

"We're going with a safari theme, so we've got giraffes and stuff going on," said Bays.

The child she is carrying, named Benjamin James, already has drawers full of clothes just waiting for his arrival.

"We went a little crazy the other day," admits Williams, Karla's wife of one day.

When Benjamin is born, which should be sometime in early November, he'll have his biological mother Karla and his other mother Shaunda.

"I want to be married and have a child and do the traditional thing, like everybody else does," explained Williams.

Last October, they held a formal commitment ceremony.

"That was when we committed our love to each other in front of our loved ones, but we also wanted the legal recognition," said Bays.

So, along with hundreds of others, they stood in line for more than two hours Wednesday at the Marion County Clerk's office and officially tied the knot.

"I was really hoping everything would be set in stone by the time the baby got here so there was no more worries, we didn't have to think about it," said Williams.

They hope their new status will eliminate certain issues.

"One of the biggest hurdles that we're looking at right now is when I go into labor, is Shaunda going to be able to excused from work like a normal couple would be able to?" explained Bays.

They are fairly sure there won't be any issues at the hospital.

"A lot of times, hospitals only allow family members to be there and I wouldn't have been considered family. Now, it won't be an issue because she is my wife and she'll be there," said Bays.

So Williams will be there for the arrival of Benjamin James, because while everyone else is preoccupied with getting married or appealing gay marriage, Karla and Shaunda are spending their time thinking about their new arrival, letting others worry about issues of the day.

"It's time," said Bays. "Love always wins and it's gonna win this time."