Power Restored to more than 11,000 IPL customers


It took almost 6 hours to restore power to more than 11,000 IPL customers.

Residents on the east side lost power just after 11 p.m. Saturday evening after a transformer went out at a substation.  Then, an accident at Michigan and East Streets caused another 1,400 customers in the downtown area to lose power.

All customer power was restored by about 4:30 a.m. Sunday morning.

Indianapolis Power and Light outage maps showed power being restored in phases to many of the more than 10,000 residents on the east side who originally lost power. 

Officials say a transformer went out at the Cumberland substation, causing the first outage.  Their main focus on the east side was to get residents connected to other substations.

IPL warned residents in other areas, that they may also lose power for a few minutes while they worked to connect east side residents to new substations.

Several accidents were also reported because stop lights were also not working due to the power outage.

A separate vehicle accident happened just after midnight that caused the power outage in the downtown area.