Power outage damages heating system at animal shelter


Indianapolis Animal Care and Control has heaters and generators standing by to keep the animals warm after a power outage damaged the facility's heating system. The city shelter is also offering to assist Indianapolis pet owners who have lost power.

The facility on the south side of Indianapolis lost power at about 4:00 pm Sunday. Officials worked with Indianapolis Power & Light to get the electricity restored approximately seven hours later by 11:00 pm. Shortly after, IACC officials discovered a problem with the HVAC system.

Animal Care and Control Chief Dan Shackle says city building workers have been trying to repair the heater and boiler since last night. He says the equipment is generating some heat, and workers have been trying to contain much of that heat in the areas housing animals. 

Midday Monday, Shackle told Eyewitness News, "It's still in the 50s, and the animals are suffering no negative effects."

IACC also has generators and heaters to keep the animals warm.  Shackle says Walmart donated 10 space heaters and Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services set up  several generators and heaters in the shelter.

Shackle told Eyewitness News that IACC is offering help pet owners who have lost power at home and are going to a shelter themselves. Residents who need a place for pets to stay can call the Mayor's Action Center at 327-4622. IACC will arrange to pick up the animal and keep it for up to ten days for free. 

As of midday Monday, IACC had not received any calls for help.