Potholes popping up around central Indiana

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The snow, rain, freeze and thaw over the past couple of weeks is taking a toll on roads all across Indiana.

Drivers say they've noticed potholes popping up on roads across the state, coming earlier than in past years.

"It's pretty bad," said driver Katie Yager.

"There are some big holes," said driver Joe Campbell.

These car-rattling, body-shaking craters can be found on main roads, back roads, and interstates all around central Indiana.

"They've gotten bigger, more of them," said driver Alan Brooks.

Drivers say good luck trying to avoid them.

"You can try to dodge those but when you have cars behind you, you have to take the hit," Yager said.

While she has noticed them along I-70 in east central Indiana, one of them got the best of driver Nick Allen.

"I notice a wobble when I drive," he said. 

A week ago, he says he was driving and couldn't safely swerve to avoid the pot hole.

"[I heard] just a real loud bam and it shook the whole car real bad and I slowed down," Allen said.

While they're not hard to find, road crews are scrambling to keep up.

The Department of Public Works is responsible for the roads around Indianapolis aren't maintained by the state.

"We're on about an average of three day turnaround for pothole fills," said Lesley Gordon with DPW.

When it comes to the interstate and other state roads, INDOT responds and can typically make repairs within 24 hours.

"We get lots of calls," said INDOT's Nathan Riggs.

Road workers are swamped, between salting, repairing potholes, or trying to prevent them.

"Finding cracks, filling those cracks, sealing those cracks, so that the moisture cannot get in there and begin to form those pot holes," Riggs said.

And for drivers who've lost parts - and money - that can't come soon enough.

"[It] makes the car shake when hit it. I don't know how those truck drivers stand it sometimes," said driver Joe Campbell.

Road crews say the best advice is to report any and all potholes you may see while traveling.

Call the state if it's a state road or interstate.  INDOT can be reached at (855) 463-6848.  If you are driving around Indianapolis and Marion County, call (317) 327-4622.

If your car is damaged, you can file a tort claim.  Click here to fill out a claim.

To view a list of reported pot holes around Indianapolis, click here.

On your mobile phone, you can search for the "Request Indy" app.