Pothole patrol takes to the street

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You may have a bumpy ride into work today. Now that the snow is melting, potholes are likely to be popping up all over Central Indiana.

At the west side intersection of Belleview and St. Clair - a street once covered in ice and snow and now warming up - cracks and potholes that can really do damage to your car are beginning to form.

Last year, the freezing and thawing that causes potholes wasn't much of a problem because the winter was consistently mild.

But remember 2011? Potholes were popping up all over the city.

In fact, more than 1,200 people filed pothole damage claims against the city that year, compared to just 145 for all of last year.

Crews have been out patching the streets already.

It's a job they do all year round if they can, and that may be why we're not seeing huge problems just yet.

But the potential is there, according to INDOT's Nathan Riggs. "As the water gets into the road subgrade," Riggs explained, "it can expand, creating a void. And as it melts and warms up again, traffic can cause it to collapse."

To report any potholes you may find, you can contact INDOT if you see them on the highway, or the Mayor's Action Center for potholes within the city limits.