Pot hot spot found in mystery Franklin warehouse

Police say someone was growing marijuana in this old warehouse. (Franklin Police photo)

Franklin police are trying to track down the criminals behind a major pot find at an old warehouse.

The brick warehouse sits at Hurricane Road and Arvin Drive in Franklin, but who owns it or occupied it remains a mystery.

"No one's ever over there," said a neighbor. "Some of the night shift guys say about midnight there would be a truck sitting out there. They wouldn't get out of the truck til they were long gone."

Sam Reed, who works across the parking lot at another building, said "you just didn't pay a lot of attention" to the place.

That is until a Franklin Police officer stopped at the intersection noticed something.

He smelled pot.

Police got a search warrant and went inside. They found a pot growing operation including over 350 plants and grow lights and supplies.

"You know, there was a few times in the summer when we'd catch of whiff of something," said Curtis Williams, who works nearby. "They'd be, 'Oh there's a skunk out here.'"

One thing you don't see around the building that you sometimes find at drug operations - no security cameras.

Google Street View shows a couple pickups parked outside the building at one point. But now, Curtis says "they've given up on that. I don't believe they'll be coming back."

Police hope you will help the investigation. If you know anything about those using the building or have information about the operation, call the Franklin Police Drug Tipline at 317-346-1107 or visit the department's Facebook page.

Police believe the operations been running since October 2012.