Post office keeps up on deliveries despite snow storm

The US Postal Service has tried to deliver mail every day this week.
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It may be taking longer for you to get your mail - a few more hours or a few more days - but the U.S. Postal Service has continued delivery all week long.

When walking is a big part of your job, every step matters.

"Oh, it's a lot better. It's a lot better today," said letter carrier Allen Raney. "You just got to be careful."

These days, Raney struggles just to find a parking spot. Then, walking along North Alabama Street becomes a serious challenge. It would be better if the sidewalks and walkways were cleared.

"It would make it a little bit easier. But it is what it is. I understand there's other people that can't get out and do it," Raney said.

As for people who are able?

"It'd probably be nice to have them do it," he said.

Even Monday and Tuesday, when high temperatures were below zero, Raney made the rounds, delivering to about 75 percent of his route.

"I got it Monday and I was amazed. And I even put it in my blog, I said, 'I got my mail!'," said Indianapolis resident Marsha Oddi.

After 27 years of making home deliveries, Raney is taking it all in stride.

"It hasn't seemed all that bad to me. You just kind of deal with it. You expect it, you layer up. I've probably layered up more than ever these last few days," Raney said, chuckling.

The motto "Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom" seems to fit here. The bottom line, even with frigid temperatures and snow-filled streets - the USPS delivers.

While the Postal Service has been delivering mail this entire time, UPS and FedEx had some issues on Monday and Tuesday, though both say they are back in action today.