Portraits to remember


A gift Saturday for families that can't afford a holiday portrait. Volunteer photographers offered to help low-income and homeless families create family treasures.

Today, 9 year old Shenyia is a star.

She and her mother glammed it up in a photo shoot. The pictures even a special handmade frame were theirs to take free of cost.

"It means a lot. I think this is our first family photo," said Shenyia.

All day at Roberts Park Church downtown, low income and in some cases homeless families received mini makeovers, professional pictures and a confidence boost. Help Portrait day was made possible through volunteer photographers and School on wheels.

Nathan said, "You don't think of family portraits as a luxury but it is and it's neat to see that, do that, see families smiling on camera and have a few copies they can give to friends."

"Many people don't realize in Indianapolis there are more than three thousand homeless children. Some of those children live in shelters, in motels and many on the streets," said Jennfier.

"Half of those are under the age of 12 and kind of to no fault of their own, by circumstances of birth they are in that situation so we feel pretty obligated to help them out," says Nathan.

Photographer Paul D'Andrea sees more than a smile on the other side of the lens. He sees a family story that may never have been told , "You know it is fun for a day for them but were giving them something that they're going to be able to carry right? And have for a long time."

This day has been a much needed break from the turbulent year Delila Rusell and her family has lived through, " Happy smiling candy chips presents it's nice this is very beautiful."

Memories of better days will live on through pictures.

School on Wheels provides tutoring to homeless children throughout the year.

They are currently recruiting volunteers to help for the spring semester.