Politics set aside to help build the American dream

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INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - There has been a lot of talk these days about lack of cooperation in politics. Indiana lawmakers spent the entire day setting politics aside today and putting up walls to build the American dream.

Democrats and Republicans came together Wednesday to build a Habitat for Humanity Home.

"This will be neat. Congrats," one of the volunteers says to the new homeowner Ebony Duffy. "I am ready to move in right now. Start decorating. I'm excited I really am."

"I had no idea this would be at the statehouse, even more excited and had no idea so many would volunteer on my home so I am really thankful. So thank you, Ebony Duffy exclaimed at the end of the tour."

"At this time, I would like to introduce the owner of this house Miss Ebony," a representative from Habitat announced as Ebony came busting out of the front door with her arms raised high. "Barbeque and party at my house and everyone has to bring a dish so thank you," the entire crowd of 60 lawmakers and 160 other volunteers erupted in applause and laughter.

Lawmakers raised over $50,000 to make the build possible. Statehouse staff also donated about $3,500 in new and used tools. The structure was put together just south of the statehouse.

The home will be moved into place in Indianapolis on April 12th.

Ebony will be moving in June 16th.

No word on the barbeque.

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