Police: Wreckage from fair collapse taken from warehouse

Bent metal in the door frame shows someone tried to pry their way inside.
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Thieves have stolen pieces of the wreckage from the Indiana State Fair Stage collapse.

13 Investigates found the warehouse that has been kept under wraps for several months and reveals how thieves cut wires and got in.

It was at an Indianapolis distribution park where thieves ripped off cable from the stage that collapsed last August at the Indiana State Fair. Piece by piece, the stage was dismantled and discreetly trucked to the warehouse. Now pieces are missing.

Friday, WTHR cameras were there when alarms were reset inside the top secret warehouse.

13 Investigates confirmed the location and discovered exclusive information through records, detailing the scene of the crime.

For security reasons, WTHR is not revealing the actual location of the warehouse or the names of those who work nearby.

"I had no idea. They did a good job keeping that a secret," said the neighboring worker. "Monday there was a bunch of police cars over there and I wondered what was going on," he added.

13 Investigates knocked at the door but no one answered.

In clear view was evidence of tampering. Bent metal in the door frame shows someone tried to pry their way inside, but 13 Investigates has learned the thieves actually got in through a door latch in the roof.

"I guess if you're up on the roof, you've got all the time in the world. Nobody's really watching," said a worker near the complex.

Indiana State Police believe the building was targeted and stripped for its copper wiring before thieves made away with the stage cable.

Owners reported a fire alarm just before 10:00 pm last Friday night, but didn't find any problems until Monday morning when their security company alerted managers of cut telephone lines.

The secluded warehouse has been a well-guarded secret for months. The question now: was the security camera working? 13 Investigates called the security company, but no one returned the calls.

The State Fair Commission tells 13 Investigates every piece removed from the fairgrounds was logged and investigated by both structural engineers and victims attorneys.

Next week, the structural engineers hired by the State will return to Indiana to assess exactly what was stolen.

We have also learned the State is paying a private company $1,400 a month to store and secure the stage wreckage.