Police will seek attempted murder charge against exterminator

Judith A. Walker (Photo provided by Muncie Police)
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A woman is in jail Saturday night accused of attempted murder for trying to kill a mother and steal her newborn baby.

It all happened on Fernwood Way in Muncie on Friday afternoon. Police told Eyewitness News it was all part of an elaborate scheme that involved pest control.

"This is every parents nightmare to be faced with that," said Detective Rick Howell from Muncie Police.

In his nearly 20 years of law enforcement, Detective Rick Howell with the Muncie Police Department has seen a lot. But, he says this case involving Judith Walker using her job as an exterminator to allegedly try to steal a client's baby takes the cake.

It all unfolded in a quiet neighborhood on Muncie's west side. Detective Howell says Walker had visited the woman's home twice on legitimate exterminating business earlier in the month. But, on Friday morning, she stopped by without an appointment.

"Judith showed up, there was a confrontation involving a cord over the baby," Detective Howell said. "We believe at this time, Judith was trying to kill the mother with that cord and she was going to that she was going to steal that baby."

Amazingly, the mother survived the attack. She escaped her home with her baby in hand was able to call for help.

"I'm just glad she was able to get out and save her baby," said Shera Hittson, the mother's neighbor.

Hittson hasn't lived next to her neighbor long and didn't really know her until this awful attack.

"She came and told me what happened and she was still shooken up. Still had some bruising on her," said Hittson.

"It's shocking to me and I didn't think anything could shock me and this one did it," said Detective Howell.

As one woman sits in jail while another clings to her baby tightly tonight grateful for what didn't happen.

Walker is in the Delaware County Jail on charges of attempted murder, criminal confinement with a deadly weapon, battery with a deadly weapon, strangulation and burglary.