Police warn of scam artists using fallen officers' names

IMPD Officer Rod Bradway

Scam artists may be at it again, pulling at the heart strings of people in the name of fallen police officers. An Indianapolis man who donated last year says he almost got taken a second time.

Roger Clements believes police memorial fund scam artists tried appealing to his good nature a second time. Police records show he got a telephone call on behalf of fallen Indianapolis Metro Police Officer Rod Bradway.

"He said he was from the police widows and orphans fund, and he said that I gave $15.00 last year and he wanted to know if he could count on me this year," said Clements.

Officer Bradway died in the line of duty September 20th last year. He went to the rescue of a woman screaming for help and exchanged gunfire with her estranged boyfriend who also died on the scene.

Bradway is now one of Heroes of Public Safety at Crown Hill. The tragedy touched Clements, so he made a donation over the phone.

But this year, "I was suspicious when I realized it was a cellular phone call," he said.

Eyewitness News found blogs linked to the same out of state cellular number warning people, saying, "What lengths some will go and try to scam."

Another blogger warned people not to believe "it's your local police department calling."

"It should make every citizen in Indianapolis angry," said police union President Bill Owensby. He warns even some legitimate police funds need scrutinizing.

"Doesn't make any sense to me. Why would I send my money to an organization out of state to help one of our own?"

Scam artists are likely to use the names of popular fallen officers like Bradway in order to get you give, but police say do your homework before you give.