Police urge parents to keep eye for kids' gang activity

Police say the March 17 shooting on the canal was likely gang-related.
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The shooting at the downtown canal has sparked new concern about parents spotting the signs of gang activity.

Dai-Twon Williams, 16, was arrested for allegedly shooting five teenagers on the canal March 17.

IMPD's Criminal Gang Unit is part of the shooting investigation. Lt. Chris Bailey wants parents to get downright nosey in the lives of their teens to keep them gang-free.

"You have to ask those nosey questions. 'Who are you talking with? Where are you going? Why didn't you go to school? Who are you hanging out with at school? Why did you do that? Why did you do this?'," Bailey said.

The Criminal Gang Unit identifies young people enticed by the gang life. They work closely with schools, youth groups and clergy who are also outraged by the canal shootings.

"We are sick and tired of this and these kids are not going to hold this community hostage," said Rev. Charles Harrison of the Ten Point Coalition.

Although detectives requested that Eyewitness News not show Williams' face on television so they can show his picture to witnesses, they are much closer to a motive. After the shootings, one of the victims told police he is a current gang member and shared the fact that he believes the teenager accused of shooting him is in a rival gang.

Signs you child may be enticed by gangs include: wearing one or two colors of clothes, unusual hand signals with friends, unexplained injuries, and a sudden drop in grades. Bailey also says to check your child's social media pages, like Facebook, as well.

"There are some unsavory things that happen on those websites," Bailey said.

Court documents show Williams' Facebook page is part of the investigation and that the shooting on the canal may be part of his gang initiation.