Police to crack down on bad behavior in Cocktail Cove

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GEIST - Fishers Police are expanding their patrols at Geist Reservoir because of out-of-control boat parties that residents could see from their backyards.  They now have officers in the water.

On a cloudy and cool Thursday, it was hard to spot a boater on Geist Reservoir. But when the weekend comes, that changes.

"When it's not cloudy like this, in the cove, anyway, there will be an average of - guessing - 100 to 150 boats," said Dennis Braun.

Braun lives across the street from a part of the reservoir known as Cocktail Cove. It's party central on summer weekends.

"Some of the weekends you'll see some bikini tops leaving and you'll start to get into some lewd, lascivious boat behavior and words," he said.

Cocktail Cove is Rachel Quade's backyard. She's also president of the neighborhood association.

"You don't move near a railroad track if the sound of the train bothers you. So I moved out here knowing what we were getting into, for lack of a better term," she said.

So what's a typical weekend like at Cocktail Cove? Some people say it's a harmless party, but others complain that it's too loud and raunchy.

Those complaints have led to Fishers Police stepping up patrols in the town's part of Geist.

"For the most part, people are very respectful of one another," said Officer Tom Weger, Fishers PD. "It's just a small group of people that we would like to encourage to behave better."

Fishers Police, along with conservation officers, will issue warnings, tickets or even arrest rowdy boaters who refuse to follow the law.

"99 percent of the time, I love it. It's just, every once in a while when you get some obnoxious boaters out here, they ruin it," said Quade.

An estimated 2,500 boaters use the 1,900-acre reservoir and police say their patrols are designed to make Geist more family-friendly during the summer, and not a big, drunken party.