Police target violators at north Indianapolis intersection

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Police are cracking down on drivers in a north Indianapolis neighborhood.

The focus is drivers rolling through a stop sign at 52nd and Pennsylvania. Eyewitness News watched drivers at the intersection Friday afternoon and noted numerous violations.

Police are watching, too. They were out last week, saturating the north side neighborhood, ticketing traffic violators.

"Just cars zipping in and out everywhere," said one neighbor.

"Yeah, very dangerous," said another.

Neighbors, concerned about the problem, called IMPD, which began the special traffic enforcement patrols.

The state says drivers have to come to a full and complete stop at a stop sign. Simply slowing down is not enough.

"I'm probably guilty of being one of those," said Maria Bosler. "It's just easy. It's just a neighborhood. We're so comfortable with the stop signs."

A lot of drivers make that mistake.

"I've gotten a ticket for rolling through a stop sign, so it helps people slow down in certain areas," said Antone Najem.

Police have written almost 30 tickets in just a few days of surveillance. Penalties start at $150, plus points on your record if you're liable if there's an accident.

"I think it's good to police that stuff," said Najem.

"I think it's great, if people are running it. There's a lot of kids in the neighborhood here. If they're going to cruise through it, it's important," said Cristie Carroll.

"It's pretty dangerous," said Bosler. "We need to do something about it."