Police sweep streets to alert teens of curfew law


Metro Police are hitting the streets, targeting teens who are violating curfew. Officers were out on patrol Monday night as part of "Operation Clean Sweep."

About eight officers, along with community volunteers, met at the JTV Hill Family Center at 18th and Columbia at 10 p.m., then fanned out across the near northeast side of Indianapolis. Their goal is to make sure teens are following the city's 11 p.m. curfew.

Officers say that's to keep the teenagers out of danger and out of trouble. The idea of Monday's sweep isn't to arrest a bunch of children, but rather to let them know the curfew is the law.

The officers will also tell the teenagers about events, camps and programs that they can get involved in instead of hanging out in the streets.

Sadly, a lot of the violent crime in Indianapolis recently has involved teenagers, another reason officers are targeting teens.

"As it gets later on in the evening, things tend to happen. And it's not necessarily that they're looking for trouble or anything, but stuff happens," said IMPD Cmdr. Randall Taylor. "So we're just trying to get them to go home, to stay on their own property, stay at the house or out with their parents. We're just letting them know we're going to be out and this is not the only time this is going to happen this summer."

A lot of agencies will be out Monday and Tuesday night, including state police, excise police and probation officers, all with different goals - some making arrests and serving warrants. It's meant to let everyone know police are out in force this summer to make Indianapolis safer.