Police: Smash and grab suspect 'hiring' homeless people

This is the latest image of the suspect at the Plainfield Target store.
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One of the suspects wanted by police in a central Indiana smash and grab crime spree has changed up their game plan.

Police say they are using homeless people to rip people off.

After smashing car windows and grabbing purses and wallets, police say the suspect approaches homeless people to offer them "work" - in the form of buying items with the stolen credit cards in exchange for cash.

Smash and grab victim Cheryl Thomas says hiring the homeless or pan handlers to use stolen credit cards is just low-down and dirty.

But the man and woman captured on recent surveillance video are suspected of doing just that. Police suspect them of stealing items belonging to Thomas along with several other victims, then using stolen credit cards at local stores.

"How low can you go?" Thomas wondered. "It's bad enough they're stealing from innocent people. Now to hire innocent people to do their dirty work trying not to get caught."

Eyewitness News has been following the story of the suspects who have been captured several times on camera as they go on shopping spree after shopping spree on someone else's dime, just minutes after the smash and grab.

Now it appears they have a new accomplice - a homeless woman who apparently makes purchases with the cards that the couple steals. She gets cash and they walk away with expensive merchandise to sell later.

The couple have struck at the Plainfield Walmart and Target, and places like Speedway gas stations. They've been caught on camera after smash and grabs in Johnson County, Greenwood, Fishers and several other spots across central Indiana.

Meantime, Cheryl Thomas has a piece of advice for the suspects.

"Don't steal from innocent people. Don't steal from anybody. It's wrong. You're gonna get caught sooner or later. Just stop doing this."

If you recognize them, call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS with your anonymous tip for a cash reward.