Police shut down teen's birthday party after 200-300 uninvited guests show up

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The owner of a local fitness center spoke out Monday after being cited for an overcrowded teenage birthday at his gym.

Rick James agreed to rent out his gym, Brickhouse Fitness, for the party. By 9:30 Saturday night, he was called by police saying they were shutting everything down.

"There were 100 people inside and another 200-300 outside," James told Eyewitness News Monday.

It was a scene police called a recipe for disaster. The party was shut down because police said the organizers didn't get a permit for the event but as the father of a teenager himself, IMPD Detective Bill Carter, one of the officers who shut down the party, said his concerns went far beyond legal matters - and he said other parents should be more concerned, too.

If there are a lot of people trying to enter, he recommends going beyond the normal, "What am I taking my son to?" and "Whose event is it?" and also ask "Is there security?" and "How many people are going to be there?"

Even if the event starts out smaller, attendance can quickly explode if the event hits social media. Even though 300-400 were found at Saturday's party, the original guest list was fewer than 100.

Police not only ticketed Rick James, but also the 19-year-old who helped organized the party.

There was a shooting at a different location police believe was linked to an argument between two people who left the party at Brickhouse Fitness.