Police shoot man to end Fulton standoff

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A domestic call escalated to an exchange of gunfire between a barricaded man and police.  The man was flown to a Ft. Wayne Hospital with gunshot injuries.

According to State Police spokesman Kim Riley, the Fulton County Sheriff's Department, the Fulton Town Marshal, the Kewana Town Marshal, State Police and the Rochester Police Department responded to the domestic call shortly after 8:00 p.m. Wednesday. 

As officers arrived at the residence in 300 block of West Brown Street, Nicholas S. Westerhoff, 46, was inside refusing to give himself up. Officers set a perimeter around the house and began attempts at negotiating with Westerhoff.

At one point, officers heard several shots fired from inside the house.  At approximately 11:40 p.m., police say Westerhoff came to the door and started firing his gun.

To minimize the threat, officers returned fire and Westerhoff was injured during the exchange.

Police have not confirmed whether Westerhoff shot himself or was hit by officers returning fire.

Westerhoff was airlifted to Parkview Hospital in Ft. Wayne in serious condition. No officers were injured during the standoff.

The investigation is continuing.