Police share tips for victims after store robberies

Armed robbers hit this Panera Bread on E. 56th Street Friday.

Customers at several Indianapolis businesses have been caught recently by armed gunmen robbing the stores in broad daylight.

Although police aren't sure if the crimes are connected, they all happened at very public places, including the Panera Bread on East 56th Street and a cell phone store on North Michigan Road.

Robbers hit the Boost Mobile phone store on the northwest side, catching an employee and customer by surprise. A getaway driver parked outside as the gunman rushed inside.

"What was going through my mind was, 'Am I going to see tomorrow?' Thankful enough he just took the cash and left," said Randall, a store employee.

The customer, too fearful to show her face on camera, thought the worst, too.

"First thing I thought, he was going to kill us. Yep. He is going to get what he wants and then he is going to kill us," she said.

Concerned about her wallet on the counter, she asked the robber not to take her ID, but obeyed the robber's orders.

"You waving around a gun and if you say 'Get on the ground,' I am getting on the ground," she said.

Lawrence robbery detectives are investigating a similar Friday night hold up involving customers at the Panera Bread. Two masked gunmen stormed in before closing, demanding access to the safe.

During the robbery, both the employees and customers got on the floor, cooperating with the suspects. That is one of the first things police say will keep you from getting hurt.

Police say in addition to not resisting and cooperating with a robbery, stay put, but don't disturb any evidence like things touched by the suspects and be a good witness, so you can give good descriptions.

"There are a lot of robberies going on and not just in this area," said Randall.

Now, both police and victims have their fingers crossed that someone can give investigators clues on who is behind some bold and brazen robberies that could have ended much worse.