Police seize 46 pounds of marijuana in traffic stop


State police seized more than 40 pounds of marijuana during a traffic stop in Clark County Friday.

Trooper Nate Abbott stopped a northbound vehicle on I-65 for illegally tinted windows. Upon speaking with the occupants of the car, Abbott sensed something wasn't right and conducted a search of the vehicle.

The search yielded approximately 46 pounds of marijuana, located in the passenger and trunk areas of the vehicle, in luggage, a backpack and a cloth bag. Police say the value of the seized marijuana is more than $46,000.

Police arrested 20-year-old Amanda Lucia Arellano and 46-year-old Irma Maldonado, both of Texas, and a male juvenile. Arellano and Maldonado face preliminary felony charges of dealing marijuana over ten pounds, possession of marijuana over 30 grams and maintaining a common nuisance.

They are being held at the Clark County Jail, awaiting their initial court appearance.