Police seek suspects in Center Grove home invasion

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Police in Johnson County are searching for two armed men and looking for neighborhood surveillance video after a home invasion near Center Grove High School.

The elderly victims told investigators they were tied up and robbed at gunpoint overnight.

"It's terrifying. It's terrifying," said neighbor Kelli Luallen.

Luallen's house has what police want: cameras that may have captured criminals after a brazen burglary in her neighborhood.

"We're concerned for this couple and the entire community really," Luallen said.

Police say just down the street around 2 a.m., in the Kensington Grove neighborhood, two masked men broke into a home on through a basement window on Chancery Blvd.

The house had a security alarm, but it wasn't activated.

Investigators say the burglars confronted the elderly couple inside, in their beds, at gunpoint.

The female victim, Sharon O'Garra, told police that the two men bound her and her husband, Hugh, with zip ties.

The suspects then forced her to remove her jewelry and tell them where to get other jewelry and cash in the home.

According to the police report, one of the crooks even told the homeowner, "You really should start using your alarm system."

That's one reason why police believe this couple may have been watched and targeted.

"I don't think it's someone that came down and randomly picked this house. It's going to be something that's going to tie these people with connections with the homeowners," said Sgt. Steve Edwards, Johnson County Sheriff's Department.

Sharon O'Garra was able to escape to a neighbor's home and call 911 after the suspects fled with the couple's valuables in a vehicle waiting outside.

The couple's son said his family was too shaken to talk about what happened.

But off camera, he told Eyewitness News the crime seemed well planned by someone who knew what they were doing.

Neighbors are now worried.

"It's horrible anymore, isn't it?" asked neighbor Paulene Hill. "It's just scary."

"Our phone was blowing up this morning, first thing. Everyone just checking on each other," added neighbor Laura Marlin.

Neighbors and police say the crime is also a tough reminder for homeowners to keep an eye out.

"If you see someone you don't know, wave at them, so that they see you're paying attention," said Johnson County resident David Parker.

Police are asking for surveillance video from homes in the area.

Center Grove High School had some footage, but investigators say it didn't provide any clues.

Kelli Luallen didn't see anything suspicious on hers either, but she still plans to share it with police. She's also now planning changes at her home in hopes of keeping the neighborhood safe.

"I think I'll have additional cameras in the future that are pointing in a different direction," she said.

Investigators say they found one of the victims' cell phones tossed on a nearby street. The other phone is still missing.

Police are asking anyone who lives in Kensington Grove, or near Center Grove High School, to check their surveillance video and call the Johnson County Sheriff's Department so they can review it.

The investigations division can be reached at (317) 346-4604.