Police seek suspect in several pharmacy robberies

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Police say the same man has robbed seven pharmacies across Indianapolis.

Investigators believe the man is desperate and dangerous. He has entered pharmacies on the north, northwest and south sides of Indianapolis, disguised and demanding prescription drugs.

Among his hits are a CVS Pharmacy on Kentucky Avenue last month and the March 30 robbery at a Walgreens on the south side.

In some cases, he demanded fentanyl, a medicated patch for chronic pain.

"Going to desperate measures, crime," said addiction expert Tobyn Linton at Fairbanks Treatment Center.

Linton says the robbery spree by someone possibly desperate for pain medicine is no surprise.

"That message is so strong, because that individual taking the painkiller needs to get more and more," Linton said.

To try to throw investigators off his trail, police say he wore a surgical-style mask during the robbery, a black jacket and pants, white ball cap, glasses and walked with a limp, using a cane.

One pharmacist said the robbery told them he needed the pain patches because his wife was being held hostage.

Linton says anyone with family members' prescribed pain medicine should always use caution.

"It should be a very short period of time that it's prescribed following surgery or an injury," Linton said.

During the robbery at the south side Walgreens, police say the suspect did not use a gun and that's been the case in other robberies.

If you recognize the suspect, call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.