Police search for suspect in armed robbery spree

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I just tried to give him what he wanted so he'd get out of there," Bascy explained.

Bascy said she'd been pistol whipped in a robbery before, so she was relieved when the suspect took off out the door.

She said she knew better than to fight back, but wished she had something with which to protect herself.

"You can't really do nothing, cause you 'aint got no weapon or nothing. At least give us some mace, but that probably wouldn't do us no good neither. Anything's better than nothing," said Bascy.

"It's happening everywhere. Not just the Village Pantry," said Bascy, saying she believes things have gotten more dangerous in the 18 years she has worked as a store clerk.

It wasn't just the Village Pantry at Minnesota and State on Saturday.

After that robbery, police think the suspect and at least one other person, driving a get-away car, hit a Dollar General at 20th and Arlington, a Steak and Shake at 25th and Post and finally an Aldi at 52nd and Keystone.

"All I heard were two like ding dong sounds. ‘Ding. Ding.' and that's it. It didn't alert me to anything," said Aldi customer Kaylenen Twilleager who was shopping in the store when the suspect robbed the store, pulling a gun on a cashier.

"I had no idea," said Twilleager.

She knew something was wrong though, when she got to the check-out line and saw police there.

"I was like what in the heck is going on," said Twilleager.

For customers like Twilleager, who might decide they're scared to come back to this store, there are other places they can choose to shop.

It's not that easy for Linda Bascy, who said she has to go back to work tomorrow at the same place where she's been robbed now, several times.

"It's going to be hard, but I have to work. What choice do I have," asked Bascy.

According to police reports and witnesses at the four robbery scenes, the car the suspect was riding in was described as a red, four door, 1995 Ford Escape with a paper license plate in the driver's side window with the number 925CPQ

According to police, the vehicle was reported stolen recently from Bedford, Indiana.

In response to Friday night's murders, one of them a pizza delivery driver, and Saturday's armed robberies, IMPD Police Chief issued the following statement:

"Tonight, members of the IMPD Command Staff met to formalize a response to this violence. I have mobilized officers and detectives from the Operations Division, the Investigations Division, and the Covert Operations Branch and tasked them with gathering information with the intent of identifying and finding those responsible.

Although you may not see it, rest assured the appropriate resources and assets within the police department have been deployed to address the violence. Again, operations are already underway to identify the people, places, and activities contributing to our problem. There will also be an increased uniform presence in our neighborhoods.

We are working with a variety of community partners to assist those who wish to ‘get out of game,' and become part of the solution. We believe changing your life, can mean saving your life, however if you continue to engage in violent acts, ‘gun crime will mean jail time.'

These acts should be unacceptable to everyone in our community. We need our citizens and neighbors to speak up and speak out, and provide us with the vital information we need to solve these cases. Information can be shared confidentially by calling Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS (8477). You could be eligible for a reward up to $1,000."