Police search for clues in 88-year-old's beating death

Ruth Rainsberger was found beaten last week and later died of her injuries.

Metro police are trying to solve a murder mystery involving an 88-year-old Indianapolis woman.

A family member found Ruth Rainsberger beaten within a inch of her life at the Jeffersonian Apartments last week. She died at the hospital a short time later.

The victim's neighbors consider their neighborhood a quiet area with few serious crimes, especially a brutal attack. They remembered Rainsberger as the quiet, nice lady, who kept to herself and can't understand why anyone would want to do her harm.

"It was shocking. She was a lady that really never came out. She was very peaceful every time I would see her when she came out. Very respectful," said Kevin Walker.

He said Rainsberger, whose children checked on her regularly, has lived in the Jeffersonian Apartments for several years. On November 19, police records show her 56-year-old son found her beaten. She was unresponsive and suffering from a head injury.

"They said something had happened to her and it was just everywhere. Blood everywhere, "Walker said.

The front door to Rainsberger's apartment remains marked with crime scene tape. There are no signs of forced entry, either.

Crime lab workers combed through everything, looking for as many clues as possible. Detectives are also looking closely at surveillance video from a camera outside the nearby Kroger grocery store.

Despite feeling relatively safe, neighbors don't know why anyone would attack Rainsberger, who they say lived alone.

"She did not deserve that, especially around the holiday. No one deserves that," Walker said. "I have a mother. I would hate for something like that to happen to my mother."

Rainsberger's son said Monday he and his siblings are having a hard time dealing with their mother's unexpected death. They, too, are hoping someone can help police find exactly who attacked her inside her apartment.