Police say tip led them to skipping murder suspect

Desi Thomas is being charged with the June murder of convenience store clerk Harry Briggs.
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Police are saying more about the man who police say was caught on camera skipping away from a deadly store robbery.

Homicide detectives arrested 22-year-old Desi Thomas for the murder of store clerk Harry Briggs. Investigators worked non-stop checking out tips, including the one they say led them to Thomas.

Court documents say cameras recorded Thomas carrying a shoe to the store and placing it in the door frame to keep the door from closing.

"I won't be able to divulge a whole lot about that shoe right now. I will tell you it is a critical part of the evidence," said IMPD Det. Doug Cook.

During the robbery, court documents say, Thomas ordered Briggs to be still. Detectives say despite the mask the shooter wore, they matched up his eyebrows and the bridge of his nose to photos of Desi Thomas. Police say they could also see tattoos on the robber's right wrist as he pointed a gun at the store clerk.

Briggs' roommate is still grieving.

"For what he done, there is no justification. It was uncalled for. Harry was going to give him the money and he shot him anyway," said Randy Newkirk.

The robber got away with about $300. A tip to police included Thomas reportedly bragging he used $300 to buy "marijuana, a new cell phone and shoes."

After broadcasting video of the robber skipping away from the store after such a horrific crime, police say it sparked a huge public response.

"We probably had well over a hundred tips, many of them anonymous," Cook said.

And one of them, police say, led them to Desi Thomas.