Police reveal officer's name in teen's death

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Police in Ferguson have released the name of the officer who shot and killing an unarmed teenager, leading to violent protest in the St. Louis suburb.

Police say Officer Darren Wilson shot 18-year-old Michael Brown after a struggle for the officer's gun.

"He's been a police officer for six years, has had no disciplinary action taken against him. He was treated for injuries that occurred on Saturday," said Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson.

Jackson explained it all happened as Wilson was responding to a 911 call about a strong-arm robbery of a convenience store. Police released surveillance pictures of the robbery. The chief says a description of the suspect was broadcast to patrol officers just before the confrontation between Wilson and Brown.

"At 12:01 p.m., our officer encountered Michael Brown on Canfield Drive. At 12:04, a second officer arrived on the scene immediately following the shooting," Jackson said.

A handful of protesters were listening as Jackson shared the latest information.

"We got to know something about this. Why are they just now saying something?" one protester asked.

That's a question that has been at the core of the chaos and controversy in Ferguson since the fatal shooting. Now, with an answer, many say it's time for action.

"We want justice. We want this man arrested. It ain't enough. It's been too long," said another protester.