Police respond to threat at Bloomington high school

Bloomington South High School
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Police in Bloomington responded to a threat made by a high school student Monday.

Officials at Bloomington High School South told police a male student allegedly told another student of his plans to "break the record," making reference to the 26 people killed in a school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. The student said he had a gun in his locker and the shooting was going to take place on Friday (Dec. 21).

Police and school officials were unable to find a weapon in the student's lockers or backpack. While talking to police, the student said he was "excited" when he heard about the Connecticut shooting and that he felt "powerful" when he had a gun in his hand.

"It was determined that the student did have access to various weapons at the home of his parents, but ammunition for those weapons was supposedly secured in a safe. The weapons were not owned by the student," Bloomington Police Capt. Joe Qualters wrote in a release.

Detectives obtained a search warrant for the student's residence and removed two rifles, two shotguns and two handguns, along with ammunition, from the home. Police are keeping the weapons in their possession during the investigation.

"The student who reported the alleged threats to school officials is to be commended for doing so. Sharing this type of information rather than downplaying or ignoring it is exactly what school officials and law enforcement have encouraged students to do to avert possible tragedies," Qualters wrote.

Police have not released any further information, due to the student being a juvenile.