Police, neighbors partner in Bloomington drug crackdown

A note written on the side of a garage led police to drugs in Bloomington.
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There's a new push to get dangerous drugs off the streets of Bloomington.

Investigators say they found a batch of synthetic marijuana, known as "Spice," thanks to an unusual message.

In Jane Walter's neighborhood on South Washington Street, the handwriting is on the wall - literally.

"You can see it down the alley," Walter said of a sign that says "Drugs This Way."

Police found the drugs behind a fence and one doorway away from the sign.

The suspect, Jeremiah Scales, is in jail, accused of selling Spice out of his and his girlfriend's house. Officers made the arrest after a month-long investigation.

"Our detectives did some surveillance, as well as some buys," said Bloomington Police Sgt. Pam Gladish.

In the quiet neighborhood of well-tended homes and gardens, neighbors say the activity in the middle of the block stood out.

"Lots of strange people coming and going and all sorts of hours," said one neighbor.

"Cars stopping just a few minutes," Walter said. "On the alleyway, people going in and out quickly. Just not normal traffic for our neighborhood."

Police also arrested six people for visiting the house.

Neighbors say signs like the "Drugs This Way" sign can be a sign of something else - the potential for violence in the neighborhood.

"People are getting access to drugs and that means the whole situation, you don't know what can happen," Walter said.

"Once or twice there was a lot of yelling going on over there and I thought someone may be beat up," said another neighbor, who has called police to the home.

He did not think it was a violent operation, but neighbors wonder if it brought other crime to their street.

"With all of the issues that have been happening around Bryan Park, I'm not surprised at all," said Rebecca Button. "Like I said, my car being broken into. We've been wondering why this area has been such a hot target for that kind of stuff."