Police line up to question 86th Street bank robbery suspects

Julius Hunt
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They were successful, methodical and dangerous but were two bank robbery suspects possibly linked to repeated crimes too predictable?

Safe Streets Task Force officers caught 22-year-old Ashton Tuggle and 25-year-old Julius Hunt red-handed Friday. Now, Indianapolis' top FBI agent says with the pair in custody it helps to open the door to some of their unsolved bank robberies.

"Are these repeat offenders? So we do continue to look at the ones we do capture, if they are involved in other robberies," said FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Kevin Lyons.

Police say Tuggle and Hunt made a run for it with money after holding up a Huntington Bank on West 86th Street. The Feds fear someone getting hurt.

"That is why the FBI takes a primary role in it, along with the other law enforcement agencies, because of the violence involved in it," Lyons said.

Eyewitness News has learned other police departments who released surveillance photos of bank robberies in the last three months are lining up with questions. Police in Avon, Carmel, Clermont and Zionsville are investigating five robberies since February 1.

For now, there have only been charges in one robbery and the FBI hasn't confirmed any other connections.

It is pretty much standard for the FBI not to talk about their ongoing investigations, but a source tells Eyewitness News that an undercover officer had Tuggle or Hunt under surveillance for several days and followed them to the Huntington Bank branch, not knowing a robbery was about to go down.

The pair reportedly got in their getaway car in the Nora Pines Apartments. Task force officers recovered money, guns and other items used in the robbery.

Carmel police tell Eyewitness News they want to be the first in line to question the pair of bank robbery suspects.

Both men are held on federal charges with little chance of getting out before their trial because of their criminal history.