Police issue 'peaceful warnings' for this weekend's Summer Celebration


This is a big weekend for Indiana Black Expo's Summer Celebration in Central Indiana.

More than 200,000 people are expected downtown for the weekend's events, and police and organizers are doing everything they can to keep people safe.

One of the concerns comes from the shooting in Broad Ripple over the July 4th weekend where seven people were shot when someone opened fire. It happened during a busy time, and with so many people expected downtown this weekend, there is a concerted effort to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Summer Celebration has had its own share of problems in years past, but most recently the effort by police and the community has resulted in positive changes. Police have started issuing peaceful warnings, and they've seemed to have worked.

"We ID individuals who typically we've had problems with in the past, reach out to those individuals prior, reach out to their parents, and everyone is expected to act (right)," said Mike Bates with IMPD. "If you bring weapons downtown we don't want you."

Plain-clothes officers will also be among those in the crowds. Crowd and traffic control are also important elements.

There are also 100 cameras around the downtown area keeping watch.