Police investigate home burglaries in Fishers

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Fishers Police are alerting residents after a recent string of burglaries.

Police say thieves have struck three homes in the Lake Stone Bridge, Spyglass Hills and Walnut Hills neighborhoods in the last four days. Thieves in each of the daytime burglaries gained access to the homes by forcing the front door open. They have stolen jewelry, cash and other personal property.

A white panel van with a black plastic bag over the driver's side window is being described as a possible suspect vehicle.

The Fishers Police Department increased patrols in neighborhoods in the town and also in business districts. They are also urging resident to remain vigilant and report unusual activity to 911.

Police are offering the following tips to help keep your home safe:

  1. Have exterior lights at all entrances. Consider outside motion lights
  2. Leave a light on when you are not home. If you are on vacation, use a timer to control lighting.
  3. Have a wide-angled viewer on all exterior doors. Know who is at the door before opening.
  4. Have good locks on all doors and windows...and use them.
  5. Be sure locks on doors and windows can be opened quickly in case of fire.
  6. Don't hide keys outside.
  7. While having your car serviced, remove house keys from the key chain.
  8. Talk with trusted neighbors. Keep an eye on their house and ask them to watch yours.
  9. Stop mail and newspaper delivery when you are away.
  10. Install an alarm system that will detect entry and notify police.
  11. Have your lawn mowed and snow shoveled when away.
  12. Always check garage doors at night to ensure they are closed.
  13. Keep trees and bushes trimmed. Do not let them block doors and windows.
  14. Check who is at the door before opening it, and do not open the door to anyone you don't know.