Police investigate car thefts, break-ins in three Fishers neighborhoods

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"You kind of let your guard down when you live in a nice suburb like Fishers," explained wife and mother Anjelica Menossi.

Even Menossi has learned, though, that living in Fishers doesn't mean you won't be the target of criminals.

"We thought we were doing a lot of the right things by having the doors locked, which not everyone does," said Menossi. She was talking about the doors to their cars she and her husband leave parked outside.

This week, the couple discovered someone had broken into the family BMW overnight when they got a phone call from a neighbor telling them the contents of their glove compartment box was in his nearby front yard.

"You feel violated, in that someone was in your space," said Menossi.

"They somehow had jimmied down both of the windows and crawled in," she added. She said someone had gotten into the car, ransacking the inside.

That wasn't the worst of it.

"My husband had kept my spare key in his car, not the brightest idea," explained Menossi. "They took the opportunity and ran with my car."

"I think my first word was 'seriously'. I was just kind of in disbelief," she added.

Menossi said she's her certain her Chrysler Pacifica is gone for good.

What happened to this mom was just one of several car break-ins this week according to Fishers Police in the Sunblest, Timber Spring and Burberry Place neighborhoods.

In another incident, police said someone stole a Jeep.  It has been recovered.

"You want to be seen by the people. Get out. Patrol, you know?" explained a Fishers police officer during our ride-along. Eyewitness News went with police as they stepped up patrols in all three targeted neighborhoods. They've also advised people to take extra care with their vehicles if they're parked outside.

"Don't leave valuables in your car that are easily seen. We prefer that you don't leave ‘em in there at all," said Fisher Police Lieutenant Luke Gannon.

"Don't leave your keys in your car, and then lock your car at all times," he added.

Police also suggested people remember their garage door openers.  Many leave those in their glove box, giving criminals easy access to your garage and house.

"You get careless because you just feel safe and kind of protected, you know, living in what's been on the top number one places to live," explained Menossi, who said Fishers is still that place for her family.

It  just doesn't feel as safe as it once did, said Menossi.