Police investigate car break-ins at Castleton fitness center

Cars in the Life Time Fitness parking lot have been targeted for recent break-ins.
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Police are issuing an alert after a series of parking lot car break-ins on the north side of Indianapolis.

It's been especially bad at the Life Time Fitness center near 86th Street in Castleton.

If you're leaving items in your car for anyone to see, police say you're taking a chance. Investigators say a man they've caught on surveillance video breaking into several cars in the Life Time Fitness parking lot helped himself to money, credit cards, an iPad, and purses.

They were all items left inside cars in the past three weeks.

Surveillance video showed a red Lincoln Town Car driving through the lot. A man gets out, looking inside cars as he makes his way to the gym's entrance.

Police said the same man even went to the gym's front desk to ask for membership information.

Minutes later, video captured the same man smashing out windows and grabbing items inside the cars and taking off.

"They sent out an email, letting us know that things like that had been happening," said LifeTime member Dwain Johnson.

Some members said they've learned to take their valuables with them, no matter where they park their car.

"I just basically make sure my doors are locked, don't leave anything in the passenger or the driver's side. Nothing," said Elaine Bewsey.

"I keep my windows tinted and try to keep it down a little bit and try to park under the lights and just try not to leave anything in there worth taking," said Rick Emory.

It seems gym parking lots have become easy targets. Police in Lawrence have been looking into car break-ins at an LA Fitness on Pendleton Pike and they said they might be related to the ones at Life Time Fitness.

"Now it's getting darker earlier. People are starting to come out and they just need to make sure they keep their stuff locked up," said Zach Morriss.

Even with locked doors and windows, anything left inside a vehicle in plain view has turned out to be an open invitation of the wrong kind.