Police investigate apparent murder-suicide


Jennie Runevitch/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - Metro police are investigating at least one homicide on the city's far northeast side.

Investigators say home health care workers found the bodies of 74-year-old David Cassady and his wife Ruth, around 7:30 Wednesday night, in the 7400 block of Lantern Road.

Neighbors say David Cassady was a retired director at the Indianapolis Children's Museum. They say he had fallen and broken his shoulder last week.

Investigators say this was the health care workers' first visit to their home and they found the door unlocked.

"When they went inside the residence, they found two individuals down. Preliminary indication at least one is a homicide and we're examining the situation with the other individual to see if that is in fact a homicide also," said IMPD Sgt Paul Thompson.

Investigators found the husband's body on a bed. His wife's body was discovered not far away.

"Early indications it's a violent death on the part of both of these individuals," Thompson said.

At this point, police say the deaths appear to be the result of a murder-suicide. It appears Ruth Cassady shot her husband as he laid on his bed and then turned the weapon on herself.

Police recovered two different guns inside the home they believe were used in the shootings. Detectives also discovered a book in the home they believe may help explain the murder-suicide.

"I think the book talks about living alone or how to cope or something like that. I am not really sure, but the detective mentioned that," said IMPD Lt. Jeff Duhamell. "We think, with the evidence, that is exactly what happened and whether it was something they were thinking about and from my knowledge and talking with the detectives his health had deteriorated some."

Metro police are hopeful autopsies will give them more information on what transpired Wednesday night in the Cassady home.

Neighbors told Eyewitness News the Cassady's were warm, friendly people and they were shocked at the news of one, possibly two homicides at a home in this normally quiet northeast side neighborhood.

David Cassady worked at the Children's Museum for 42 years.

"We are deeply saddened by this news," museum officials wrote in a statement. "David Cassady, retired long-time director of education, was a one-of-a-kind, outstanding educator and founder of many of the museum's school and family programs."