Police in Hamilton County investigate man who approached teens

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A stranger approaching girls in Hamilton County has prompted a countywide alert to parents. Police have a suspect, but they don't know his intention. As a precaution, schools are sending emails to the parents.

Parents and students here at Carmel High School have been put on notice about a man giving his telephone number and social media information to teenage girls. After an approval from police, student services director Dr. Steven Dillion sent sent out a countywide alert and even talked to his own children about people who prey on kids.

"If somebody ever grabs you I want you to kick, and punch and hit and scream and bite and hit. I know I tell you not to, but it is okay in this kind of situation," he said.

Ironically, when Cyber Cops got the word of the strange man approaching girls, they were already investigating the same man. Although he's not charged with a crime, police consider his behavior unusual enough to warn parents.

Lt. Cameron Ellison tracks online predators as part of a child exploitation task force.

"Heard some complaints and that gives us some concern. That investigation is currently ongoing and we have made contact with an individual He is being cooperative with the investigation," Lt. Ellison.

Right now an arrest is unlikely for the man being questioned about giving his information to girls, because that in itself is not a crime. But police and the school say it is still serious enough to sound the alarm and not meant to scare parents.

Child advocate Toby Stark agrees. Stark conducts school seminars teaching students about "good touch/bad touch" in a program called Smart Steps. The school alert went to her home, too.

"It did not scare me and what I saw in the message was a very factual and informative message. This is what is going on; we recommend you talk to your children. here's some talking points and here's some resources," she said.